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Nashville Firm Rolls out Virtual ‘ATM’ for Songwriters, Musicians

Nashville prides itself on being a city dominated by the creative class, but financing the city’s creative tendencies is trickier than it looks.
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Lyric Financial, Sony/ATV Offer Songwriters Access To Royalty Advances With New Virtual ATM

Lyric Financial has teamed with music publisher Sony/ATV to provide a virtual ATM platform, enabling Sony/ATV U.S. songwriters and publishing clients to request advances in “less than a minute” via Sony’s new and improved SCORE royalty portal.    
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Sony/ATV, Lyric Financial Partner For ‘Virtual ATM’ to Allow Songwriters Access to Royalty Advances

The vATM allows songwriters to tap into their current and forecasted catalog earnings ‘in less than a minute.
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TuneCore + Lyric Financial Partner On Royalty Advance Solution For Musicians

“We wanted to offer them something different,” Lyric Financial founder and CEO Eli Ball was quoted as saying. “Credit cards and bank loans can be dangerous; they can get upside-down with those real quick. But this is not a loan. It’s an advance based on forecasted earnings.”
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Here’s One Fintech that’s Still Going Head-to-Head Against Banks

While there seems to be something of a detente between banks and fintechs as they start to partner more, especially on general consumer financial products, some fintech companies are still looking to beat banks in serving specific types of customers.
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First-Of-Its-Kind Integrated Financial Tool Gives Members Ability to Easily Request Advances on Future Earnings New York, N.Y. – April 13, 2017 – TuneCore, the leading digital music distribution and publishing administration provider for independent musicians, today announced the launch of TuneCore Direct Advance. A unique collaboration with Lyric Financial, the leading financial services and technology company...
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Tunecore Partners With Lyric Financial To Launch New Service That Empowers Independent Artists

“TUNECORE DIRECT ADVANCE,” a collaboration with Lyric Financial to offer a new service for U.S.-based TuneCore artists to automate advances on their future distribution sales revenue.
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