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Tax Tips for Musicians

Tax Tips for Musicians: Don’t Miss these Deductions

It’s that time of year again – Tax Season. But don’t you fret! We got your guide to some glorious deductions you can receive as an artist. Most likely, you are considered an independent contractor and receive 1099 tax forms from different gigs. This means you are entitled to deduct your business expenses from your...
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Turn 1,000 Fans into $100,000

As Barrett Strong sings, “Your love gives me such a thrill, but your love don’t pay my bills. I need money. That’s what I want.” You’re an artist, you love creating works of art to share with your fans, but let’s keep it real, you need money too! Keep reading to see how you can...
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Advance to Possibilities: First Advance Checklist

Ready to apply for your first royalty advance? Read this post. Below are tips to ensure you are completely prepared. Trust me, being prepared will make the process a breeze. First Advance Checklist Have your current earnings in front of you – There is no doubt that the first question any company will ask you is: “What...
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Lyric Financial Launches Film & Television Division

Independent filmmakers, producers and financiers will now have more immediate access to their earnings from new and emerging media platforms such as: Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Facebook Watch, and more.
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Advance to Possibilities: Don’t Make These 4 Mistakes

Advance to Possibilities: Don’t Make These 4 Mistakes As we discussed in “Invest in the Best”, royalty advances can be a fantastic tool to further your career. Today, I will shed light on the nitty gritty of the mistakes artists make when they take an advance. The goal is to have their mistakes serve as...
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Advance to Possibilities: Invest in the Best

Advance to Possibilities: Invest in the Best Welcome to the first installment in “Advance to Possibilities.” As I mentioned last week the introduction to the series, the goal of the coming weeks is to answer all your questions regarding advances. So let’s get started! What Is an Advance? For our purposes, when we talk about...
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Lyric Financial Funds Royalty Advances in Thirty Countries

In less than 4 months, the company has provided royalty advances to artists, songwriters, record labels, and distributors in thirty countries across 6 continents.
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Valerie June Speaks (and Leads Her Successful Career) From the Heart 

Valerie June Speaks (and Leads Her Successful Career) From the Heart Memphis soul singer Valerie June is a true rising star. Bob Dylan noted her as an artist to watch and Brad Pitt recently stopped by one of her shows. But what’s even more interesting (to us, at least) about this genuine and inspiring artist is...
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Fast Royalty Advances Keep The Music Playing

“Creating this advance system has given artists the capability of getting money they’ve already earned before it’s actually paid out,” Dawn Griffith said. “It helps them with [everything from] getting in the studio to finish projects to shooting videos to getting Photoshop done — everything to run their businesses.”
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Lyric Financial Moves Songwriters’ Finances To A Faster Beat

In this month’s Faster Payments feature story, Dawn Griffith, director of operations, explained how her company works to provide quick royalty advances to artists worldwide. The solution, she said, rests on ACH transfers, third-party integrations and a digital portal to bring quick processing to requests for advances.
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