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Your Questions Answered: Making Smart Career Decisions After of Organic Success

Your Questions Answered: Making Smart Career Decisions After of Organic Success We just launched a new feature on our social media platforms where you can submit a question and Lyric Financial’s CEO Eli Ball will answer! Eli began his career as a producer, where he guided a range of studio and live productions from award...
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Fast Royalty Advances Keep The Music Playing

“Creating this advance system has given artists the capability of getting money they’ve already earned before it’s actually paid out,” Dawn Griffith said. “It helps them with [everything from] getting in the studio to finish projects to shooting videos to getting Photoshop done — everything to run their businesses.”
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Lyric Financial Moves Songwriters’ Finances To A Faster Beat

In this month’s Faster Payments feature story, Dawn Griffith, director of operations, explained how her company works to provide quick royalty advances to artists worldwide. The solution, she said, rests on ACH transfers, third-party integrations and a digital portal to bring quick processing to requests for advances.
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Hyperwallet Teams Up With Lyric Financial For Royalty Payment Advances

To enable faster and more efficient royalty payment advances to recording artists working on TuneCore, Hyperwallet has signed a deal with Lyric Financial.
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The Truth About Recording & Publishing Deal Advances

*Written by Lyric Financial CEO, Eli Ball, this blog was originally posted via ASCAP’s blog here. Congratulations, you’ve gotten your music career to the point that someone is offering you real money. Why? Because they believe they are going to make a lot more money off you and your music than they are advancing you. Nothing wrong with...
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NjP on Songwriting and Building a Sustainable Career

NjP is a Los Angeles based songwriter, producer. NjP single-handedly produced and co-arranged the folk-pop band UKAE’s “Morning Story” EP, as well as co-produced and recorded Siânteuse’s cover of “House of The Rising Sun” for the documentary film Yorkville. She has also composed scores for a number of productions, including Judith’s Thompson’s award-winning play Lion...
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Lyric Financial’s CEO Eli Ball Will Be Speaking at Upcoming Panels in Atlanta and San Francisco

Don’t miss our CEO Eli Ball speaking at these upcoming panels in Atlanta and San Francisco: Panel details: A3C Conference Thursday. October 5, 2017 at 3.30 PM Alternative Financing: Know Your Options The Loudermilk Center (Room One) 40 Courtland St NE Atlanta, GA 30303 Producing and releasing an album takes creativity, time, talent… and money....
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Being The Boss: Managing Your Manager

* Written by Lyric Financial CEO, Eli Ball, this post is was featured on the TuneCore blog here! As an artist your career is your business and you are the CEO. Before you begin protesting that you are an artist and you have a manager to deal with the business stuff, hear me out. The music...
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Nashville Firm Rolls out Virtual ‘ATM’ for Songwriters, Musicians

Nashville prides itself on being a city dominated by the creative class, but financing the city’s creative tendencies is trickier than it looks.
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Lyric Financial, Sony/ATV Offer Songwriters Access To Royalty Advances With New Virtual ATM

Lyric Financial has teamed with music publisher Sony/ATV to provide a virtual ATM platform, enabling Sony/ATV U.S. songwriters and publishing clients to request advances in “less than a minute” via Sony’s new and improved SCORE royalty portal.    
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